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Habbo has done it! They have managed to bring their popular Virtual World to the hands of millions of people! Today, Habbo Released their Android version of the Habbo Mobile App; and I must say it works wonderfully. Even on my cheep crappy phone it worked quite well! I’m so very impressed!



The app is compatible with Android 4.1 and above, and weighs about 15 mbs! A majority of Android phones are 4.1 and above nowadays, but that does not mean you’re phone will be supported! For some people you’re phone’s specs won’t support it. I had this problem this morning! You can imagine my disappointment, when I saw this screen!




I have a 4.1 Alcatel, but its very cheap! I also have a Kindle Fire 2014 Gen Tablet. The only problem with owning such a tablet is the fact that the play store is not available to me. The Fire tablet is one of the most powerful tablets out there, but sadly no Habbo! But that’s okay! With much effort I was able to get the APK for the Habbo Mobile App. You’ll find a download link bellow! You can simply download the file, move it to your Tablet or Phone and use a file manager to install it!

Habbo Mobile via Google Play…





HabboSwat Does not Own This APK! The Game is Property of Sulake!

We are not trying to be an App Distributer. We are merely helping those

who may not be able to download the app via Play Store!


The Merge


Kingdom on Habbo owned by Lalaaloopsy

will be merging with Swat!

Later this week members of the new Habbo Group [KoH]

will be converting their ranks to Swat Ranks.

This Means we’ll be adding 10+ OOA Ranks

10+ Bod Ranks, and we’ll be allowing Lalaaloopsy, to be

a Swat Founder. Please save all your questions for

later this week at the meeting that will be help

on the 2nd of April.


Members of the KoH can be expected to start moving over on the

1st of April. Thanks For Reading

-John (Founder of Swat)