New Trial OOA

So, as you can see by the title of this, we have some new Trial OOA. Before anyone asks questions, I’m going to set a few things out to dry. Trial OOA will have Admin to Security – HR, Pay badge, LOA badge, Ban pass, and Conference room. They will receive the remainder of their badges and admin when they complete their trial. During this trial, they will also not be able to sell VIP or SG (as we’re saving it for when they get full OOA). If there any other questions about what Trial OOA can do, please ask Jamie, Beth, or Enrique. So without further adieu, here they are:

  • !!.Astro.!!
  • AngelaValAlt
  • Nychthemera
  • iamBeautiful21
  • Crockey
  • lunerathebig
  • ann9950268

New Directors in Training

With people being moved up to OOA, it means that we also are in need of more BoDs. So in turn, we pulled some people from Admin Trainee, and gave them Director in Training, to allow us to assess them on what they’re good at, what they can do, and what they will be able to bring to the table. (And to decide their units). So, here they are:

  • KrissTofu
  • BrysonKazhAlt
  • Van_Joe
  • EatCarrot
  • Itz21unicorns
  • kldom
  • KC-Legacy
  • gatinthesk12
  • 30great03
  • Ricachon2007

Hello SWAT members!

Jamie & Enrique have come up with an idea for SWAT and after deciding with the AT+ team we have put it into action!

So we will be having an official SWAT Hall of Fame! Jamie will be doing the website whenever he can, for now I will make a post with the 2015 inductees. 

Thanks to Blake we now have a ceremony room where we will do the Hall of Fame ceremony! 

We will be having two ceremonies for the people that are not able to attend the first, and I will record the ceremony as well and Jamie will be posting on youtube, so if you miss it do not worry! 


1st Ceremony:

When: Saturday April 11th
Time: 2pm (PST)
Where: SWAT ceremony room owned by Blake1419


2nd Ceremony:

When: Sunday April 12th
Time: 9am (AST) 
Where: SWAT ceremony room owned by Blake1419


Any allies, SWAT workers, former SWAT workers, friends of allies or SWAT workers are welcome!

We have a set of rules as well for the people who are attending! 


  • You are suggested to but not required to wear formal attire.
  • No spamming, trolling, dancing, use of effects, costumes, color chat(Unless AT+) allowed!
  • No swearing!

These rules are to be followed! Whoever is caught not following these rules you will receive up to 3 warnings! If you keep breaking the rules you will be kicked by an Affairs Team member and will not be allowed back in! (If a SWAT worker, you will face consequences if you fail to follow the rules! If from alliance, your agency will be notified of your actions if you misbehave!) 

This event is meant to be a fun and enjoyable moment for everyone so please be on your best behaviour! 


— Affairs Team & AT+ Team 

Hello SWAT members!

Affairs Team Apps are now open! We need people to apply, basically if you apply and you fit requirements you’re in! Remember besides doing events, you will now have the opportunity to help our BoDs of EA out with alliance events when they ask you to! :)

So what are you waiting for?

Go apply to the Affairs Team today! :D

— Affairs Team