Competition Details

Draw in real life or on a PC program

one of your favorite Swat

moments! If drawn in real life, take a picture.

Post all entries Here!


No Screen Shots!

All Drawing must be original!

Abusers of this Competition will be Terminated!

Have Fun! Include your friends!

Don’t Copy!

Winners will be announced at

​This Saturday’s meeting!


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place




Yesterday, Habbo uploaded some new furni, some of them have already been released! I’m going to make a guess here and say that this year’s Habbo Palooza will be themed on the concept of having a concert at the beach. Just a guess! Check out the images bellow!

HB14_Tent HB14_HotAir3 HB14_HotAir1 HB14_HotAir2 HB14_Vend1 HB14_Vend2

Thanks to @HabboComNews, we now know that habbo’s long lost Cameras are coming back. This has been a long awaited feature that many thought would never come back. Most believe that Habbo Stories will be playing a major part in its return. In a recent tweet @HabboStories said that something big is coming. Later that week HabboComNews found this Image!


Many Habbo’s welcome the idea of this features return, but a few resent the thought of Habbo Stories being apart of it. Swat on the other hand does not mind Habbo Stories being apart of it.