These past few weeks have been quite eventful. From great news, with the Admin Trainee applications starting to be filled out and posted. To more sad issues, with four of our admin team sadly stepping down/retiring from SWAT and/or Habbo entirely, to even having to leave for careers.

Rylie RightTragically, we have had a founder stand down. This is a great loss to SWAT, as she has Rylie leftbeen with SWAT for a long time, and like all founders, will be greatly missed in SWAT, hippychick1996, who has gone off to join the Navy, we wish her all the best in the Navy, and that she has a great career with them. :D

Drago RightAswell as losing a founder, we have also lost one of our OOA: Drago56757, our RelationsDrago Left Manager, has also left us. Moving on to NCA. Though he was only with us for a short period of time, he was able to help us gain several new allies before he moved on. Which has helped SWAT get back up and onto our feet as we have had allies with us for support. Drago leaving also might open up a spot for a new OOA to step up. 

SkyhoWe also, have two of our amazing BoD who are sadly leaving us. With Skyho, the Assistant Director of PU on a massive 4 month LOA due to studying and exams which means that, Annjibecause he is an Admin+ he is being asked to stand down, so that someone else could fill his position. Last, but most definitely not least, Annji is sadly leaving habbo, and therefore she has decided to stand down from her position as the Director of Standards, while she isn’t fully active, meaning that she would let others have the chance to step up and take her place in the position.

Every single one of you will be greatly missed. We wish you all the best in your life and your future choices and future lives. I hope that you all had an amazing time in the SWAT family, and maybe come by to visit on occasion. :D


Few steps are taken in order to bring back SWAT Stability!

Find out more by reading this till the end !

Yes ! These are made to fulfill our member wish !

We want everyone to be happy :)

I hope these changes could make SWAT better ^_^

Lets Begin !

Firstly, modified and updated SWAT Policies (Yes ! No more confusion !)

After some discussion within Administration Team ,

we finally done with policies. Check them out !

Secondly , We are introducing back uniform that most of our member likes!

(Yes , Its the PURPLE Uniform!)


Thirdly , Hippychick1996 aka Rylie have left the building.

She had to step down due to her commitment in study.

We’ll always miss her ! Hope to see her back in SWAT Soon! :)

Next , We’re introducing Special Unit ! Currently , there is 4 SU which is ;

Media Team (Nya_Chan) , Event Team (_Imagination & Enrique53645264) ,

Transfer Team (.:BDM-Owner:.) and also Personal Assistance (Kittensaregod).

Application will be opening , but for PA , you need to ask the  high ranking member !

Make sure you join the team and one member are only allowed to join 2 SUs.

Next , VIP and SG are now available to be bought! 

You can find and OOA+ above to buy VIP/SG ;

jmmey321 , zooleisk2 , .:BDM-Owner:. , Nya_Chan , Enrique53645264 , _Imagination & Kittensaregod

Make sure you buy through the right person. We are not responsible for any mistake made.

Also , kindly read the policies for both VIP and SG! ;

Click Here

Lastly , I would love to announce that , Administration Trainee (Adm Trainee)

application are OPEN! 

Any member with ranking High Rank and above are welcomed to apply !

Make sure you read all the details before posting your application !



Swat is Now Allies with:

The Habbo Intelligence Agency

Today, Swat’s Founder, Signed an

Agreement with the HIA approving them as Allies!


Feel Free To Request HIA’s VIP Badge, and

Give them a Visit!

The Owner/Founder of HIA Is: Ali21.