Hey there! This is almost the moment you all have been waiting for! After a long awaited discussion about the recent Admin Trainee applications, OOA have concluded a list of people that will progress on to the final stage. Interviews. The OOA will take you aside (if you made it to the final stage) and ask you a series of questions that will help us determine whether or not you will be accepted into Admin Trainee. Remember to answer all the questions honestly, lying your way through it won’t help you in the future! So without further adieu, here is the list of Stage 2 applicants:

  • BrysonKazhAlt
  • gatinthesk12
  • kldom
  • Itz21unicorns
  • 30great03
  • EatCarrot
  • Ricachon2007
  • Van_Joe
  • KrissTofu

Congratulations to these nine! Now since we have 3 current Admin Trainees, and a max of 10 available spots, we will only be accepting 7. Meaning, two of the above nine, will not make it into Admin Trainee. Interviews will be conducted between March 28th – 30th. After the interviews are over, OOA will determine the final 7 users that will make it into Admin Trainee. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to Enrique53645264, bethany1230 or Jamie96554, they should know how things are going to work, and would be happy to answer any questions =) Congratulations once again to those who made it this far, and better luck next time to those who did not make it! Final results will be announced on March 31st, so stay tuned! 
- OOA Team


Hey! I know a lot has been happening lately, and much more is to come, but we thought that we should give you all an update on what’s happening so far.

Board of DirectorsYea

 We’ve decided that the BoDs needed to be shuffled up a bit, and some of the pre-existing Admin Trainees were ready to move on and become BoD, so below is the current (and updated as of 3/22/15) set of the Board of Directors.

Director of Standards –> Vacant
Assistant Director of Standards –> eric903
Director of Security –>
Assistant Director of Security –> josephlim
Director of Training –> ann9950268
Assistant Director of Training –> Vacant
Director of High Ranks –> AngelaValAlt
Assistant Director of High Ranks –> iamBeautiful21
Director of Top Management –> Crockey
Assistant Director of Top Managment –> Vacant
Director of Presidential Unit –> K.S.M.S
Assistant Director of Presidential Unit –> lunerathebig
Director of External Affairs –> Nychthemera
Assistant Director of External Affairs –> :Mads

Admin Trainee

So in light of taking quite a few of the Admin Trainees out and placing them in BoD, that leaves spots to be filled in Admin Trainee. So because of this, we have decided to re-open Admin Trainee applications. The exisitng applications that were written will count towards this application period. Anybody ranking HR+ and has been at SWAT for 2 or more weeks are eligible to apply for Admin Trainee. Below is the link and instructions/format on how to submit an application.

Make sure you read all the details below before posting any application.
Application not following the requirement will be ignored.
How does Admin Trainee Application works ?

1) Candidates will apply to be next Admin Trainee by filling up Application before due date ( 22 – 26th March 2015 )

2) OOA+ will determine the number of candidates that will be nominated which depends on opening space(s). (27th March 2015)

3) Results for candidates that passed the application will be announced (27th March 2015)

4) The passed Candidates will be interview by OOA+ (28 – 30th March 2015)

5) List of new AT will be announced (31st March 2015)

Candidates requirements:
1) Candidate must be ranking HQ Manager or higher.

2) Candidate should have a lot experiences within SWAT.

3) Candidate must be an active member in base.

4) Candidate must have already worked in SWAT for 2 or more weeks.

If you think you fit with requirement and agree with rules above, please make new topic on forum by using the following format.
Please submit your application by clicking below:

Click Here

 Thread Title: [Username]’s Admin Trainee Application [Current Unit]

Application Format:

1. Username:

2. Length Working in SWAT: (Join date if possible & length)

3. Current Rank:

4. Timezone (In GMT): e.g. GMT -3

5. Kik Username (optional): It just helps us communicate and spread news faster and easier

6. Experience: e.g. Ex-SWAT  Admin Trainee by Jmmey321 for 3 months, etc..

7. What makes you any better than the other Candidates? (50 words minimum):

8. How active are you in a week?

9. Do you agree with the Terms and Conditions?

*Submit whole application including the following notice parts.

*Use size 12 black font to fill out application.

* By submitting this application , I [Insert your username] agree on all terms and conditions and will hereby try my best to make SWAT better, always active in base and also that the administration team reserves the right to terminate me from Admin Trainee+ if I break any SWAT rules, disobeying/disrespecting higher ranking members, becoming inactive without LOA or other unstated matters.


On 21st March 2015, John has amazed us with his brilliance once more. Regave and Eaphram_Is_Back, as of now, are a Swat’s Admin Trainee member. They will be seen around HQ from time to time, so please welcome them to Swat if you can.

It was and is a day or major fanfare indeed, as Regave has hailed from the Central Security Agency (CSA) as a founder, which he has closed as CSA has merged with SWAT. Eaphram_Is_Back hails from NYCC, which he founded, and was about to open, but has also been merged with SWAT. Don’t hold back your feelings, and just show them how happy you guys are that they are with Swat now.

Admin Trainee apps are also now hereby closed, as we have seemingly filled up all potential empty Admin Trainee spots with the two new Admin Trainees.

On that brief note, I shall end this belated news bulletin here. All the best to those who are currently busy with their academic endeavours, and happy holidays to those who are still on their holidays.