This is the moment you have all been waiting for… The Admin Trainee results are finally in! Below are the complete and official list of applicants that will proceed to training to become an Admin Trainee! Training will be happening soon, so please stay tuned for that =)

  • Nth4645
  • zheek88
  • Bigby-_-
  • Boomitshally.
  • IzaazTheGreat
  • urdey-9
  • xSlimXx
  • sprouse-dylan

So as some of you may have guessed, there was a slight hiccup with the Admin Trainee applications. Due to the forum being partially trashed, the main post explaining AT and such has been deleted by the hacker. Thankfully, the applications that were already submitted were not deleted, so if you already applied, great, if not, well then I suggest you get on it. In light of this, I’ve decided to give you all more time to apply, so instead of the deadline being May 1st, the new deadline is May 6th, 2015. Below is more information and the format you will need:

Make sure you read all the details below before posting an application.
Applications that do not not follow the requirement will be ignored.
How do Admin Trainee Applications work?

1) Candidates will apply for a chance to become an Admin Trainee by filling an application before the due date. (May 6th, 2015).

2) Applications will close and be reviwed by OOA+ for eligibility on entering Administration. (May 7th, 2015).

3) Results for applicants that passed will be announced. (May 8th, 2015).

4) New Admin Trainees will be trained BEFORE getting their motto and badge. (May 8th onward).

Candidates requirements:
1) Candidate must be ranking High Rank (HR) or higher.

2) Candidate should have a fair amount of experience within SWAT.

3) Candidate must have been in SWAT for 2 or more weeks.

4) Candidate must be mature and act appropriately.

** Also a little notice, and a sort of disclaimer, if you apply for this, it does not guarantee you a spot. And if you have applied for Admin Trainee (or Cabinet) in the past, it also does not mean you will get it. If you are not accepted, please do NOT throw a tantrum or say we don’t want you, because we do want you. We just think that you need to work on things before you enter Administration. It’s a big role, and leads up to even bigger roles, so please keep that in mind. We will also be doing a quick “background” check for each applicant which can also determine whether they will be accepted or not. **

If you think you fit the requirements and agree with the rules above, please make a new topic in the AT Application section by using the following format.
Please submit your application by clicking the button below:

Click Here

 Thread Title: [Username]’s Admin Trainee Application [Current Unit]

Application Format:

1. Username:

2. Length Working in SWAT: (Join date if possible & length)

3. Current Rank:

4. Timezone (In GMT): e.g. GMT -3

5. Kik Username (optional): It just helps us communicate and spread news faster and easier

6. Experience: Tell us about any past experience you had within an Administrative role.

7. Why  should we pick you? (50 words minimum):

8. How active are you during the week/weekend?:

9. Do you agree with our Terms and Conditions?: Yes or No

** By submitting this application, I, [username], hereby agree to all terms and conditions and will always try to make SWAT a better place to the best of my ability, and be active whenever I am able. I also give the upper Administration my consent to terminate or move me to a suitable rank based on their choice if I am to be inactive without a LOA, breaking the rules, or causing trouble amongst Habbo or SWAT, or for other unnamed reasons. **

Submit the application with the notice above included (with your username filled in it). Please use black, size 12, Arial font.

New Trial OOA

So, as you can see by the title of this, we have some new Trial OOA. Before anyone asks questions, I’m going to set a few things out to dry. Trial OOA will have Admin to Security – HR, Pay badge, LOA badge, Ban pass, and Conference room. They will receive the remainder of their badges and admin when they complete their trial. During this trial, they will also not be able to sell VIP or SG (as we’re saving it for when they get full OOA). If there any other questions about what Trial OOA can do, please ask Jamie, Beth, or Enrique. So without further adieu, here they are:

  • !!.Astro.!!
  • AngelaValAlt
  • Nychthemera
  • iamBeautiful21
  • Crockey
  • lunerathebig
  • ann9950268

New Directors in Training

With people being moved up to OOA, it means that we also are in need of more BoDs. So in turn, we pulled some people from Admin Trainee, and gave them Director in Training, to allow us to assess them on what they’re good at, what they can do, and what they will be able to bring to the table. (And to decide their units). So, here they are:

  • KrissTofu
  • BrysonKazhAlt
  • Van_Joe
  • EatCarrot
  • Itz21unicorns
  • kldom
  • KC-Legacy
  • gatinthesk12
  • 30great03
  • Ricachon2007