Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in the General Meetings, SWAT is putting out a short survey for anyone on Habbo to fill out. The objective of the survey is to see how people inside and outside of SWAT see us, what areas we can improve on, what areas we excel in, and a few other things. We encourage everyone to fill it out, however it’s not mandatory. Please be as honest as you can and answer as many questions as you like.

The survey can be found here: hswat.gq/Survey616

All responses are kept confidential and any information used from the survey will not include any Habbo usernames or any keywords to identify the information’s author. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Jamie96554 (<– click the name to find my contact info) and I will reply as soon as possible.


– SWAT Foundation

Hello everyone! The long awaited post that contains the results for the past Cabinet Applications. Those of you who were at the General Meetings on Sunday already know, as well as any who heard from others, but this is the official post for everyone!

A little bit of preamble before the results; we received a total of 23 applications, and chose 10 users who we thought stood out in regards to their application and their work ethic. Now this isn’t to say the others weren’t good. Honestly, all of the applications were great, and we definitely had a tough time narrowing it down to just 10. If you didn’t happen to get in this time, there’s always next time. We always can only take so many people, so not everyone can get in. So without further adieu, here are the 10 people that are our newest addition to SWAT’s Cabinet and Administration:

iClicked samuel_14 UNYKORN DA-man1990 Substantial,
@CarlosEksdi Earthmelon Itzz21unicorns IzaazTheGreat1 Kaylaa-

Congratulations to all of these lovely people, and on behalf of the Administration, we’d like to welcome you all to the Administration and wish you the best! A bright future is ahead of us and we’re glad you get to be the ones helping behind the scenes to make that happen =)

Hello everyone! I know this is an anticipated moment for many SWAT members, so I’ll get right to it. Last week, I purchased a Minecraft server for all of SWAT (and anyone else who wants to really) to play on!


Slots: 24

MC Version: 1.9

Server RAM: 4GB

Type: Survival

Step 1: Open Minecraft Launcher (If you don’t have one, go download it).

Step 2: Go to ‘Edit Profile’ and select “Release 1.9” as your Minecraft Version.

Step 3: Press the ‘Play’ button on Launcher.

Step 4: Once loaded, go to the ‘Multiplayer’ tab. 

Step 5: Press ‘Add Server’ and type in the server details (with the IP above).

Step 6: Enter the server and start playing!

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or any other types of feedback, please message me anytime! I’d love to hear it (even if it’s absurd or weird). Please keep in mind though that what I can do is limited to the amount of RAM (maybe we can upgrade it soon with others help idk?) and the general consensus of the users playing on the server. Thanks!