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    • kldom

      Recruitment Team and Event Team Applications are open!   06/09/2017

      Applications for the Recruitment Team and Events Team are open. Head to the applications section on the forum for more information on how to apply!
    • JohnBlack45

      How to Join Swat's Discord Group   06/11/2017

      Discord is a Free System of Communication! It can be downloaded on Windows, Tablet, and Mobile! Swat uses discord to get ahold of someone if needed. We also use it to have fun. We have Voice Channels and Text Channels! Even if you don't want to speak you can listen in. We also have a Radio connected to our Discord! 1. Go to https://discordapp.com/ 2. Click Open Discord in Browser  3. Enter a Nick Name, helps us if you go by the name you want to be called or your Habbo name! 4. Click Skip 5. Click Claim Account 6. Give Discord an Email and Password and Click Save 7. Confirm Your Email 8. Come back this Post and Copy this Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HfvwV39 9. Go back to the DiscordApp Website and Click the button as illustrated bellow! 10. Click Join 11. Paste Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HfvwV39 12. You Should Now See the Swat Discord Group! 13. At this Point you are free to Download the Desktop App, Android, and Iphone App!   Windows App: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=win Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord Iphone/Ipad App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/discord-chat-for-games/id985746746 Mac App: (Click and Choose how you want to download it) https://discordapp.com/download
    • JohnBlack45

      HabboSwat - How To Vote Tutorial   06/14/2017

      www.HabboCreate.com has created an Agency Listing Page! We'd love it if you voted for us! This is a tutorial on how to do so! You can vote daily, and that will help us out quite a bit!    

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  2. Unfair judgement 

  3. Username: chloexsmart Score: 5 Questions tested: 5 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: 26-6-2017 09:05
  4. Username: Nicemaxey Previous Rank: Clerk New Rank: Field Officer Reason: Filling stations Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 6/26/17 1:33 am CMT Approved By:
  5. Name: OregonDucks44 Old Rank: Colonel Old Promoter: UNYKORN [MUFC] New Rank: Inspector [EZ2] Date & Time: 6/25/17 - 11:04pm (US PST)
  6. Username: diegojosech Previous Rank: Field Agent [Gar] New Rank: Probationary Agent [C49] Reason: Working hard and dealing with recruits issues nicely Badges Needed: Date&Time: June 26th 12:45am [Est]-5
  7. Username: diegojosech Score: 3/5 Questions tested: E1, E2, D2, D3, D5 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: June 25th, 2017 - 9:30pm CST
  8. Monday, June 26th, 2017 - 2am GMT Pay danielking12345 -> 1c thepinkapple -> 2c Julia4234 -> 2c =========================== Total Coins Given: 5c Exchange Cost: 1c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 6c ==========================
  9. Yesterday
  10. Username: Command,. Rank Offerred: Detectives Transfer/Return: Transfer Date & Time: 25/6/17
  11. Username: danielking12345 Previous Rank: <SWAT> Snr Head Trainer <Als> New Rank: <SWAT> Jnr Training Instructor <QuT> Reason: Working hard in FTF Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 25/06/2017 23:18pm GMT+1 Approved By: N/A
  12. Username: Nicemaxy Previous Rank: <SWAT> Special Agent <Lozza> New Rank: <SWAT> Senior Special Agent <QuT> Reason: Working hard in FTF Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 25/06/2017 22:47pm GMT+1 Approved By: N/A
  13. Username: -.Lozza.- Previous Rank: [SWAT] Behavioural An. [Dom] [Lozz] New Rank: [SWAT] Intelligence Reporter [IC2] [Lozz] Reason: always active in base and always working Approved:N/A Badges: N/A Date and time: 25/6/17 21:48pm BST
  14. Username: Sheels Score: 4/5 Questions tested: E2 E3 D1 D4 D2 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: Sunday 25th June 2017 21:53PM BST
  15. Username: sweetsalma Score: 3/5 Questions tested: E1,E2,D1,D3,D4 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: 21:42, 25th June 2017
  16. Username: light67 Rank Bought: Technician Full Rank/Upgrade: Full Rank Date & Time : 6/26/2017 02:53 AM GMT+7
  17. Username: 5PTZ Score: 4/5 Questions tested: E1,D5,D1,D3,E4 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: 25th June 2017 , 20:53
  18. Username: Rank Bought: Full Rank/Upgrade: Date & Time
  19. Habbo: Fable Date: 6/25/17 Agency: Swat Rank: Rep Reason: Habbo Rep
  20. Username: Nicemaxy Previous Rank: [SWAT] Probationary Agent [Als] New Rank: [SWAT] Special Agent [Lozz] Reason: Being active at FTF, a pretty down to earth kind of guy and is nice to everyone. Badges Needed: No Date & Time: Sunday 25th June 2017 20:33PM BST
  21. Meeting Information Date:25/06/2017 Time: 19.00 GMT+1 Location: EM HomeRoom ------------------------------------------------------------- Hosts name: Dm0710 ------------------------------------------------------------- Supervisor: Kldom ------------------------------------------------------------- Member Attendance: Yodasbathtub ------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to this weeks unit meeting. I have a few topics to be discussed today so lets get started. Use of B.U.M Activeness Member of the month FEC SWATS Football Team Ideas and Suggestions
  22. Username: annieza61 Rank Offered: Detective Transfer/Return: Transfer from SIO (Rank: Intel Analysis Head, Unit: Detectives Unit) Date & Time: 6/25/2017 @ 3:10pm
  23. Returning User Username: dani2635 Previous Rank: Vice Detective <Kez> (Converts to Systems Administrator in newer ranks) Converted Rank: Technical Specialist Date & Time: 25/06/2017 - 19:45 BST (GMT+1) Note: Deducted 4 ranks off (2 months) the demotion because she was inactive due to family emergencies.
  24. Name: acejack32 Old Rank: Forensic Examiner Old Promoter: Me [EZ2] New Rank: Behavioural Analyst [EZ2] Date & Time: 6/25/17 - 11:33am (US PST)
  25. Username: EBreezy Score:3/5 Questions tested: E1,D2,D2,D3,E2 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: 25th June 14:0
  26. Username: Alexmeke123 Score: 5/5 Questions tested: E1,E2,D1,D3,D5 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: 25th June 15:35
  27. Username: Hommie666 Score: 5/5 Questions tested: E1,E2,D1,D2,D3 Number of attempts to pass: 1 Date & Time: 25th June 16:53
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