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  1. I miss you... As I wish you here with me making sure everything will be OK in real life as I am worried... You always in my heart and we will see each other again after thing get better in real life for me...  Love you... 

  2. Username: InvestigatorM Rank: Colonel Date Leaving: 18/2/18 Date Returning: 21/3/18 Reason: It personal I need to care of first and focus on till things get better. I be back soon I hope...
  3. Username: Alisya- Previous Rank: Sec. Officer Rookie [D3mi] New Rank: Sec. Officer I [InM] Reason: Notice she continue work at FTF. Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 17/2/18 9:04 AM EST Approved By: N/A
  4. Never let your guard down... 

  5. I love you my PaulaBear! @Polarity

  6. You always been on my mind and there for me when I need u and not let anyone in our way. I always love you and know we in it together till whatever fate leave us. Miss you Paula and Happy Valentine's Day my love xoxoxo

  7. How that working out for ya? 

  8. Username: loveofthee3 Previous Rank: Lin. Specialist New Rank: Research Reason: working at FTF. Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 14/2/18 5:45 PM EST Approved By: N/A
  9. Sadly you don't know who I am and don't worry I forgive you -hugs-

    1. Polarity


      I'll be the one to change you to be a better person. -hugs-

  10. I'm not afraid of you....

  11. Don't let life bring you down even on habbo or let anyone define you for wrong reason. Thou not let evil win! 

  12. I feel the love being glue to you and can't let go just stick to you forever! 

  13. When reload to fix motto and get pay this crap happen.... @30great03 @Josie2907 @GTMake


    1. Josie2907


      it happened right when you left LMAO

    2. InvestigatorM


      So I'm the blame lol habbo die with me gg... 

    3. InvestigatorM


      Will the pay be delay or cancel?  @Josie2907

  14. Username: loveofthee3 Previous Rank: Technical Specialist [InM] New Rank: Lin. Specialist [InMi Reason: working at FTF. Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 11/2/18 8:51 PM EST Approved By: N/A