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  1. Username: Kingdevil0987Score: 5/5 # of Attempts to Pass: 1Date & Time: 1/4/18 9:26 pm GMT - 6 CST
  2. Username: FarawayDinosaur Previous Rank: Taskforce Leader New Rank: ASAC Reason: ricky said so and he was working hard Badges Needed: N/A Date & Time: 12/14/17 6:15 PM GMT-6 Approved By: N/A
  3. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Many plugins to make the server a bit more exciting has been added. No economy plugin will be added, that will stay the same unless requested by many. You can no get spawn eggs from killing mobs. Hope to see you all soon!
  4. Added you to the whitelist. Although, the Whitelist should be turned off
  5. I think I have the whitelist turned off. But I'll go make sure
  6. Host name? If you mean my USername, it's WizzleSSG I'm new to owning a server and I'm just figuring it out xD
  7. Username: Adamhakimy Previous Rank: Sec Officer Trainee New Rank: Sec Officer Rookie Reason: Completed Security Training Badges Needed: Security Date & Time: 11/18/17 1:42 AM CST Approved By: N/A
  8. Username: Adamhakimy Previous Rank: Special Agent-in-charge New Rank: Sec Officer Trainee Reason: Hours of work at FTF Badges Needed: Date & Time: 11/18/17 1:29 AM CST Approved By: N/A
  9. Username: saveionScore: 4/5Questions Asked: E1, E5, D1, D4, D5# of Attempts to Pass: 1Date & Time: 11/6/17 11:31 am GMT - 6/ CST
  10. Username: Previous Rank: New Rank: Reason: Badges Needed: Date & Time: Approved By:
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