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  1. Username: _Thea_ Previous Rank: Head of Training [GTK] New Rank: Clerk [LiU] Reason: working hard at ftf Badges Needed: IU Date & Time: 4/22/18 9:28 pm GMT -4 Approved By:
  2. Username: _Thea_ Previous Rank: HQ Guard II [Plob] New Rank: HQ Guard III [LiU] Reason: working hard for a long time Badges Needed: Date & Time: 4/19/18 10:46 pm GMT -4 Approved By:
  3. Username: liuliu_liuliu Rank: Sec. of EM Date Leaving: 4/27/18 Date Returning: 5/14/18 Reason: going on vacation without wifi
  4. ReturnUsername: sprouse-dylanPrevious Rank: IA OverseerRank Given: Standards LiasonBadges Needed: Sec-IADate & Time: 4/14/18 12:07 pm GMT -4
  5. Username: _Thea_ Previous Rank: Sec. Officer I [V_J] New Rank: Sec. Officer II [LiU] Reason: working hard at ftf Badges Needed: n/a Date & Time: 4/13/18 10:05 am GMT -4 Approved By:
  6. lunerathebig --> 2c MysteryRuth --> 2c Johnny15Adam --> 2c =========================== Total Coins Given: 6c Exchange Cost: 0c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 6c =========================== paid back by ricky
  7. Username: dark07 Agency: UN Rank: Overseer SWAT Rank Offered: Technician Date & Time: 4/5/18 3:49 pm GMT -4
  8. Username: loveofthee3 Previous Rank: Intel Reporter [Dom] New Rank: Technician [LiU] Reason: working hard and training Badges Needed: TU Date & Time: 4/2/18 7:18 pm GMT -4 Approved By:
  9. Location: Conference Room Date and Time: 3/29/18 11:00 pm GMT Host: jackieeeo Attendance: jackieeeo liuliu_liuliu InvestigatorM Topics: 1. Being in base as much as possible and leaving your habbo in FTB 2. Bringing in alts when you can 3. Promoting more 4. Recruit when base is active for more recruits 5. Not ignoring allies when they visit 6. EM badge description 7. MOTF : InvestigatorM Although these meetings aren't mandatory please try to attend them if you are able to! They are the best way to get ideas, questions, and thoughts to Administration and it's more fun if you're in there!
  10. until
    Date & Time: 3/29/18 11:00 pm GMT Location: Conference Room Topics to be Discussed: Activity Promoting Recruitment Allies
  11. Username: KirstyG. Previous Rank: Trainer II [LiU] New Rank: Trainer III [LiU] Reason: promo from pay Badges Needed: Date & Time: 3/14/18 4:10 pm GMT -4 Approved By:
  12. Johnny15Adam --> 2c Galadion --> Special Agent [LiU] =========================== Total Coins Given: 2c Exchange Cost: 0c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 2c =========================== Paid back by Jamie on Apr. 2nd, 2018
  13. Username: KirstyG. Previous Rank: Trainer I [Mon] [Kat] New Rank: Trainer II [LiU] [Kat] Reason: working hard at ftf for a long time Badges Needed: Date & Time: 3/13/18 1:53 pm GMT -4 Approved By:
  14. Username: MateoomeleScore: 4/5Questions Asked: Version 1# of Attempts to Pass: 1Date & Time: 3/2/18 2:41 pm GMT -5