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  1. I remember you! Don't worry and yeah, i'm glad we get to work together again
  2. See you soon Adrian, sad to have you go Have a nice day!
  3. xD guys @Demi @Thomas @queentootyelle @30great03 you just made my day
  4. 2nd April
  5. so, you are Demi nice to meet you too~ idk why ppl keep warning me and saying you're evil but i will take note of that
  6. Hello everyone! i'm called Rei from KoH (The Royal Kingdom of Habbo). I'm from Malaysia and still a student. I got 1 year left before i graduate in my university, (wish me luck). Today, i'm joining a new family, SWAT. I hope to make a lot of friends and memories in SWAT. I have so much to learn from all of you, so please teach me well Nice to meet you all!
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