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      How to Join Swat's Discord Group   06/11/2017

      Discord is a Free System of Communication! It can be downloaded on Windows, Tablet, and Mobile! Swat uses discord to get ahold of someone if needed. We also use it to have fun. We have Voice Channels and Text Channels! Even if you don't want to speak you can listen in. We also have a Radio connected to our Discord! 1. Go to https://discordapp.com/ 2. Click Open Discord in Browser  3. Enter a Nick Name, helps us if you go by the name you want to be called or your Habbo name! 4. Click Skip 5. Click Claim Account 6. Give Discord an Email and Password and Click Save 7. Confirm Your Email 8. Come back this Post and Copy this Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HfvwV39 9. Go back to the DiscordApp Website and Click the button as illustrated bellow! 10. Click Join 11. Paste Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HfvwV39 12. You Should Now See the Swat Discord Group! 13. At this Point you are free to Download the Desktop App, Android, and Iphone App!   Windows App: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=win Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord Iphone/Ipad App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/discord-chat-for-games/id985746746 Mac App: (Click and Choose how you want to download it) https://discordapp.com/download
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      Full-Face Masks Are Now Permitted in SWAT's HQ!   10/14/2017

      Dear SWAT Members,    After hearing some suggestions and requests to allow full-face masks in base, a poll has been initiated by the SWAT Administration to ask for the collective opinion. We listened to your requests and the polls have closed.    Today, October 14th, 2017, full-face masks are permitted for use within the SWAT HQ. The Code of Conduct has been updated and we hope that everyone is happy with this choice. Please keep in mind this was a collective vote and this was not a decision made alone by the administration. Thank you for everyone's patience and comments! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to talk to a Cabinet+. If you have other requests or ideas, please make sure to voice it to any admin!    Sincerely,  SWAT Administration Team.


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  1. Username: 30great03Previous Rank: ¥SWAT¥ Com. Lia. ¥Dm0¥GrT¥New Rank: [SWAT] Standards Liaison [Dom] [tag] Reason: Working very hard Badges Needed:Date & Time: 29.08.2017 01:53 pm GMT+2
  2. Username: 30great03Previous Rank: [SWAT] Consultant [Dom] [tag]New Rank: [SWAT] Senior Consultant [Dom] [tag] Reason: Working very hard Badges Needed:Date & Time: 21.08.2017 11:42 am GMT+2
  3. Username: _.Identified._ Previous Rank: [SWAT] Undersheriff [samA] [tag] New Rank: <SWAT> Senior Inspector [Dom] [tag] Reason: Discussed with Nychthemera Badges to be Removed: EM Date & Time: 20.08.2016 11:01pm GMT+1 Other:
  4. Host(s): kldom Topics: New Alliance Swat is now allied with the FBI NW3C owned by FBI-Premier! At August 26th, they are hosting a meet and greet event and all Swat members are invited to come. Outfit Competition winners: HC: :@.Demi.@ non-HC: sam_apprille_ Dm0710's Trial has ended. He is now our new Chief Information Officer. Pay: (Pay provided by sheamus., & dm0710) Identified --> 2c GTMake --> 2c Mondluu --> 2c Oculism --> 2c Lozza --> 2c Sabielly --> 2c Jomana5665 --> 2c RockyVan05 --> 2c starjingxuan --> 2c Joannah123 --> 2c Roseyyyy --> [SWAT] Tech. Specialist [RKO] [tag] envelope --> 2c waybig234 --> 2c Mrktxturez --> [SWAT] Ling. Specialist [RKO] [tag] mali1234567 --> 2c ImJustAPotato --> [SWAT] Forensic Exa. [RKO] [tag] Johnny15Adam --> 2c Vane014 --> 2c samaprille --> 2c urdey-9 --> 2c 30great03 --> 2c :@.Demi.@: --> 2c Noelly! --> 2c Joshjonesfu --> 2c Jennachan --> [SWAT] Lieutenant [Dm0] [tag] IICRAIGIV2 --> 2c ========================== sheamus., Total Coins Given: 40c sheamus., Exchange Cost: 4c Dm0710's Total Coins Given: 4c Dm0710's Exchange Cost: 1c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 49c ===========================
  5. Username: -.Lozza.- Previous Rank: ¥SWAT¥SIAO¥Dm0¥ ¥Lozz¥ #Grr New Rank: <SWAT> Executive Director [Dom] [tag] Reason: Discussed with Nychthemera and -.Lozza.- Badges to be Removed: IA Date & Time: 20.08.2016 11:01pm GMT+1 Other:
  6. Sabielly --> 2c Johnny15Adam --> 2c -.Lozza.- --> 2c @.Demi.@ --> 2c gri3 --> 1c starjingxuan --> 2c joshjonesfu --> 2c Oculism --> 2c mondluu --> 2c sam_apprille_ --> 2c vane014 --> 2c 30great03 --> 2c GTMake --> 2c =========================== Total Coins Given: 27c Exchange Cost:2c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 29c ===========================
  7. Username: 30great03Previous Rank: [SWAT] Senior IA Officer [V_J] [GrT]New Rank: [SWAT] Consultant [Dom] [tag] Reason: Working very hard Badges Needed:Date & Time: 16.08.2017 06:14 pm GMT+2
  8. xXInvictusxX --> [SWAT] Sec. Officer I [Dom] active.colee --> [SWAT] Special Agent [Dom] Reconstruct- --> [SWAT] Special Agent [Dom] joshjonesfu --> 1c =========================== Total Coins Given: 1c Exchange Cost:0c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 1c ===========================
  9. Transfer User Username: VergelpradoAlt Previous Agency: UN Previous Rank: <UN> Minister [Vergelpradoalt] [400K] Rank Offered: [SWAT] Assistant Superintendent [Dom] [tag] Badges Needed: - Date & Time: 12.08.2017 01:51 pm GMT+2
  10. urdey-9 --> 2c -.Lozza.- --> 2c Enrique --> 2c xXInvictusXx --> 1c =========================== Total Coins Given: 7c Exchange Cost:1c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 8c ===========================
  11. Swat Theme Days With the Theme "Medieval", Swat celebrated its first Theme day since a long time again. Many of you seemed to have enjoyed it. For future references for our Event's and Admin Team, we'd like you to answer this Poll. Also please reply below with what you liked and what you didn't like about the Theme Day. Ideas for improvements are very welcome! Kind regards, Dom - Founder
  12. Submission closed
  13. Returning User Username: emobaconkid Previous Rank: [SWAT] Forensic Examiner [Tofu] [EBK] Converted Rank: [SWAT] Jr. Training Instructor [Dom] [tag] Badges Needed: - Date & Time: 06.08.2017 05:45 pm GMT+2
  14. Swat's Dress Competiton In combination with our Theme Day tomorrow August the 6th, we're gonna have a Dress competition where you can submit your Medieval outfits! There will be a HC and a Non-HC Winner. Each of them will win 10c. All you have to do is take a screenshot and reply to this topic. The winners will be announced at our next general meeting on August 13th. Good luck to everyone who takes part!
  15. Username: lamNobodyAtAllPrevious Rank: [SWAT] Dep. Commisioner [Enve] [LnA]New Rank: [SWAT] Commissioner [Dom] [tag] Reason: Working very hard Badges Needed:Date & Time: 05.08.2017 10:48 am GMT+2