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      Discord is a Free System of Communication! It can be downloaded on Windows, Tablet, and Mobile! Swat uses discord to get ahold of someone if needed. We also use it to have fun. We have Voice Channels and Text Channels! Even if you don't want to speak you can listen in. We also have a Radio connected to our Discord! 1. Go to https://discordapp.com/ 2. Click Open Discord in Browser  3. Enter a Nick Name, helps us if you go by the name you want to be called or your Habbo name! 4. Click Skip 5. Click Claim Account 6. Give Discord an Email and Password and Click Save 7. Confirm Your Email 8. Come back this Post and Copy this Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HfvwV39 9. Go back to the DiscordApp Website and Click the button as illustrated bellow! 10. Click Join 11. Paste Invite Link: https://discord.gg/HfvwV39 12. You Should Now See the Swat Discord Group! 13. At this Point you are free to Download the Desktop App, Android, and Iphone App!   Windows App: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=win Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord Iphone/Ipad App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/discord-chat-for-games/id985746746 Mac App: (Click and Choose how you want to download it) https://discordapp.com/download
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  1. ReturnUsername: LukeSkyWalker24Previous Rank: [SWAT] CCI [Dom] [tag]Rank Given: [SWAT] Trainer I [Dom] [tag]Badges Needed: -Date & Time: 22.03.2018 - 07:43 pm GMT+1
  2. You will have 7 days after your LOA ends to return to SWAT and become active again, or your badges will be removed for inactivity and regular badge removal rules will apply at time of removal. Please keep in mind that an LOA is for being absent from SWAT. This means that if you're able to come online for an extended period of time, there is no need for an LOA to be issued. Should you come online for extended periods of time, you risk losing your LOA (visiting once in a while is fine in moderation). In the event that an LOA is cancelled, normal badge removals will take place following a 7-day grace period. SWAT's Administration is not responsible for any lost badges should an LOA be cancelled or denied, nor are we responsible for making other arrangements. Thank you for submitting your LOA and we hope to see you when you come back!
  3. Username: IICRAIGIVScore: 5/5Date & Time: 06.03.2018 08:32 pm GMT+1 Questions:
  4. Hey Paula, you're not in need of a LOA Request for a 7 day absence. LOA's are only needed if you need to stay away for more than 14 days from Swat. However, if you need to stay away for longer than expected then just let me know and I'll get you a LOA asap. Best regards and all the best, -Dom
  5. lani956 --> [SWAT] Assistant Superintendent [Dom] [tag] iPolarity --> 2c =========================== Total Coins Given: 2c Exchange Cost: 0c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 2c ===========================
  6. Username: Wangotuz Item Bought: VIP (30c) Date & Time: 03.03.2018 12:31 pm GMT+1
  7. Base Design Competition Swat is hosting a competition to find a new base design. All you need to do is sending a screenshot of your base design to me via the Forum Personal Messenger. I'd personally suggest to use the platform "habboon.com" to create your base design. Closing date for the submissions is March the 9th. The winner will be picked by Foundation and gets the chance to pick between a month of Hc or a GB as the prize. Also, the picked base design or parts of it might be used for our upcoming new base. Make sure to be innovative and try something new!
  8. Username: lani956 Previous Rank: <S¥T> Network Ad. [Lew] [Lani] New Rank: [SWAT] Cyber Attacks Specialist [Dom] [tag] Reason: Hard work Badges Needed: Date & Time: 10.02.2018 09:17 pm GMT+1
  9. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. A steady beat goes 1, 2, 3, 4
    A steady heart goes "I love you more"
    I know sometimes it's confusing

  11. Username: InvestigatorM Previous Rank: [SWAT] Jr. Tr. Instruct. [EZ2] [InM] New Rank: [SWAT] Snr. Training Instructor [Dom] [InM] Reason: Hard work Badges Needed: Date & Time: 17.01.2018 03:01 pm GMT+1
  12. ReturnUsername: @GoldnPrevious Rank: [SWAT] Ling. Speciallist [MUFC] [Gldn]Rank Given: [SWAT] Cerk [Dom] [Gldn]Badges Needed: -Date & Time: 17.01.2018 - 02:54 pm GMT+1
  13. 12pm pay lani956 --> 2c GTMake --> 2c Johnny15Adam --> 2c =========================== Total Coins Given: 6c Exchange Cost: 0c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 6c ===========================
  14. felix1301 --> [SWAT] Senior Special Agent [Dom] jaise_12345 --> 2c playerbo --> 2c InvestigatorM --> [SWAT] Sr.. Head Trainer [RKO] [InM] =========================== Total Coins Given: 4c Exchange Cost: 1c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 5c ===========================
  15. Username: liuliu_liuliu Previous Rank: [SWAT] Director [EZ2] [LiU] New Rank: [SWAT] Executive Director [Dom] [tag] Reason: Hard work Badges Needed: Date & Time: 29.12.2017 06:03 pm GMT+1