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      Claiming Late Pay   05/07/2018

        Hey everyone! We are aware that most of the time, some of you have a really important agenda irl and can't make it to General Meeting! So starting next week, 13th of May, if you could not make it to General Meeting, you have 48 hours after Second GM to claim your pay or promo from any Cab+ member! After 48 hours, you won't be able to claim your pay or promo anymore. But please note that if you are not able to attend a General Meeting, you are still supposed to let a member of OOA+ know in advance.    We know that the new pay system is still confusing for some members, but we are working on it and improving it for all of you! If you haven't read about the New Pay System, click here!     Best Regards, 30great03


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  1. Username: HARRYISAFOX Rank Bought: [SWAT] Clerk [Dom] [tag] Full Rank/Upgrade: Full (25c) Date & Time: 20.05.2018 09:42 am GMT+2
  2. NarutoHero10 --> [SWAT] Sec. Officer II [Dom] =========================== Total Coins Given: 0c Exchange Cost: 0c --------------------------------- Total Cost: 0c
  3. Username: Chuck306 Previous Rank: [SWAT] Research Analyst [Dom] [tag] New Rank: [SWAT] Forensic Examiner [Dom] [tag] Reason: Hard work around base Badges Needed: Date & Time: 19.05.2018 11:26 am GMT+2
  4. Username: _Thea_ Previous Rank: [SWAT] Lieutenant [LiU] ¥Food¥ New Rank: [SWAT] Captain [Dom] [tag] Reason: Very hard work all around the HQ Badges Needed: Date & Time: 17.05.2018 04:14 pm GMT+2
  5. Username: Jiggins Previous Rank: [SWAT] Exec. Director [RKO] [JIG] New Rank: [SWAT] Internal Affairs Officer [Dom] [tag] Reason: Successfully recruited in a public room Badges Needed: Date & Time: 17.05.2018 12:03 pm GMT+2
  6. Username: Chuck306 Previous Rank: [SWAT] Ling. Specialist [Az] [ChU] New Rank: [SWAT] Research Analyst [Dom] [tag] Reason: Successfully recruited in a public room Badges Needed: Date & Time: 17.05.2018 11:43 am GMT+2
  7. Totally agree with Andrew and you
  8. It's really sad that you're leaving. But you know that you'll always be welcome and I hope that you visit us whenever you have time to You've done a great job for Swat and I appreciate all your service! Thank you for everything!
  9. Username: Vaseh Rank Bought: [SWAT] Programmer [Dom] [tag] Full Rank/Upgrade: Full (100c) Date & Time: 24.04.2018 04:37 pm GMT+2
  10. The New Pay System Swat has a new pay system since Saturday April 14th and this is how it works: During the week, people have the chance to earn the pay badge on a daily basis with the same rules and requirements as there have been before. Only difference to before is that people can't claim their pay on a daily basis anymore. Instead, everyone has to claim their pay for the whole week at either the first or second General Meeting ( Saturdays at 8pm GMT or Sundays at 12pm GMT ). For example: A High Ranking member has earned the pay badge on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. That would mean that this person would get 6c at the General Meetings (3 days of pay) A Standard Ranking Member could choose between Promotions, Pay or a mix of both. Please note that if you're not able to attend a General Meeting, you are supposed to let a member of OOA+ know in advance so that you can claim your pay in advance or later. Administration members are supposed to be added to the pay list as well as all other members. kldom - Foundation
  11. Host(s): • Andrewday11 Topics: • Activity in base, everyone must try to get on as much as they can. Even if you need to AFK or Go out for a while, please try to bring your account on and into base to help bring population into base, every help is useful o Hosting more games in base with members and allies to help promo SWAT and allies and population (Prizes can be One promo for standard or Coins depending on Host and winner(s) • Promotions, please try to promo your fellow workers if you see them working hard and are due a promo, You can see all promo limits and time limits on the forums if you’re unsure, If you aren’t sure if someone is close to being able for a promo please ask a Cab+ For help. • Special Units, there are special units looking for members, please make your way to the forums to apply/Find out more information if you would like too. • Don’t forget we have the new pay, All information can be found on the forums if you’re still stuck please do ask a CAB+ and they will answer all questions to the best of their ability. • If there is any feedback, Improvements etc you have please fill out the feedback form on the forums and CAB+ will review them when possible. Pay: (Pay provided by Andrewday11) Chuck306> 6c Johnny15Adam > 4c Uyoshi > 12c J.o.r.g.e.n! >4c carl4953 > Special Agent elderwolf123 > 2c TabbyJohn > 2c Jojo11ee > 2c + Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Thea_ > Snr. Training Instructor (5 days redeemed) Goldn2 >2c + Technical Specialist Thepinkapple > Major jordan0898 > Special Agent AwkwardCookie. > 10c 30great03 > 10c vane014 > 10c ========================== Andrewday11’s: Total cost: 64c Andrewday11’s Exchange cost: 4c
  12. You will have 7 days after your LOA ends to return to SWAT and become active again, or your badges will be removed for inactivity and regular badge removal rules will apply at time of removal. Please keep in mind that an LOA is for being absent from SWAT. This means that if you're able to come online for an extended period of time, there is no need for an LOA to be issued. Should you come online for extended periods of time, you risk losing your LOA (visiting once in a while is fine in moderation). In the event that an LOA is cancelled, normal badge removals will take place following a 7-day grace period. SWAT's Administration is not responsible for any lost badges should an LOA be cancelled or denied, nor are we responsible for making other arrangements. Thank you for submitting your LOA and we hope to see you when you come back!
  13. Please make sure to note everyone who gained the paybadge in this thread. Be aware that Swat goes by the GMT timezone, so make sure to convert from your timezone to GMT. People who got their weekly pay must be removed immediately. Sunday (13th of May) Chuck306 Noelly! InvestigatorM liam5020 Envelope- Goldn2 Johnny15Adam _Thea_ Uyoshi thepinkapple vane014 Hanasakura95 AwkwardCookie. Monday (14th of May) _Thea_ Uyoshi liuliu_liuliu 30great03 Hanasakura95 ThePinkApple J.o.r.g.e.n! carl4953 Tuesday (15th of May) liuliu_liuliu _Thea_ Chuck306 Noelly! Uyoshi ThePinkApple Johnny15Adam Wednesday (16th of May) _Thea_ thepinkapple J.o.r.g.e.n! Uyoshi 30great03 Thursday (17th of May) liuliu_liuliu 30great03 _Thea_ Chuck306 Johnny15Adam Uyoshi thepinkapple HARRYISAFOX NarutoHero10 Chuck306 Friday (18th of May) Johnny15Adam Uyoshi thepinkapple _Thea_ NarutoHero10 Chuck306 Saturday (19th of May) yay416 Noelly! _Thea_ NarutoHero10 kristinelove123 Chuck306 Uyoshi Goldn2 Ogreman57 liam5020 30great03 Sunday (19th of May) People who cannot attend GM: - HARRYISAFOX -> needs to sleep for the next day of school
  14. Due to the lack of active Administration members, a lot of the pay times do not happen. Therefore I came up with an idea to solve the problem and want to know your opinion on it. My idea basically is that every member still has to request the pay badge on a daily basis, but gets paid on a weekly basis. This is how it works: After working one hour, every member can request the pay badge. At the end of a day, all pay badges will get removed and the names of the members who earned pay for day X will be noted in a Forum thread moderated by Swat Administration members. At the end of the week, all members have the right to obtain their pay for the whole week at the general meetings (Either 1st or 2nd). Now for example, User X earned the pay badge on Monday, Thursday and Friday. This means, that he would get 6c at the general meeting. I think it's way easier to make sure that ALL General Meetings actually happen that it is to make sure that all pay times happen. This way we would make sure that everyone gets paid guaranteed.
  15. Username: loveofthee3 Previous Rank: [SWAT] Behavioural Ayst. [Myst] [love] New Rank: [SWAT] Intelligence Reporter [Dom] [tag] Reason: Hard work Badges Needed: Date & Time: 02.04.2018 00:35 am GMT+2