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Welcome to the Promotion Tag List (PTL for short)! This is a complete list of all tags of members ranking Trainer+ and is constantly updated by the Chief Information Officer.


A tag may consist of 2 to 4 characters which may include letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. Symbols and special characters are not allowed, and any tags containing such are deemed invalid (see the key for the note on the invalid note).


If you don't see your tag here, please PM our Chief Information Officer with the following format:



** = Tag Conflicts with Another Tag
<??> = Unknown Tag

<!!> = Invalid Tag






danielcoolzzz <COL>


KirstyG. <Kat>

LukeSkywalker24 <Luke>

MissMarble <Mia>

Intelligence (IU)


.Loner4Life. <L4L>

allen3658 <all>

aremincool07 <Rmc>

azmin33 <AZ33>

Cara3378 <Cara>
Emilymaej <LivJ>

FarawayDinosaur <DinO>

Goldn2 [Gldn]


Joannah123 <Kaye>

Judgemental_ <JM_>

kulot123 <k123>

kratos25TheCool <Cool>

loveofthee3 <love>

Mrkxturez <MxT>

playerbo <Plob>

SingCandyMEOW <NzH>
Sunshine_708 <SHiNE>

Unliving <Live>

Zoe_Dawson <Lily>



Technical Unit (TU)


GheaMe. <Gea>

InvestigatorM <InM>

johnb67 <b67>

J.o.r.g.e.n! <Jrg>

katerinxx <??>

lani956 <Lani>

liam5020 <LiM>

Uyoshi <Uyo>

waybig234 <WB>



Detectives Unit (DU)


:Mads <Mads>

acedavidj <acej>

bodoh18 <bdh>

Gxneral <GxL>

jaise_12345 <JASE>

joshjonesfu <josh>

Rasharam <Ray>

thepinkapple <Tpa>

Yay416 <Yay>



Executive Management (EM)


-berryscoop <Ber>

Jiggins <Jig>

Kingdevil0987 <Kd9>

lani956 <Lani>

Mali1234567 <mali>

panjackcmot <Jac1>

Tezzio <TeZ>

BrokenSilence_  <BrSi>


Internal Affairs (IA)


AdamHakimy <ADMH>

-Kaylalicious <Kay>

Envelope- <Enve>

GTMake <GTK>

_.Identified._ <MiD>

JarkaPls <bhop>

Johnny15Adam <YNWA>

KC-Legacy <KC>

lunerathebig <LUTB>

Reilln95 <Rn>

samuel_14 <S14>

sam_aprille_ <SamA>

vanessamah <Vero>





AwkwardCookie. <Awk>

Hanasakura95 <Az>

iPolarity <Pola>

KingWilson242  <KING>

liuliu_liuliu <liu>

mondluu <Mon>

MysteryRuth <Myst>

SianieBee <Bee>

urdey-9 <RJ>



Board of Directors (BoD)


AndrewDay11 <AnD>

30great03 <GrT>

lovehc <Thom>

jackieeeo <NYRB>

Noelly!  <NoE>

Sabielly <Sab>  



Administrators (OOA)


C.M.L <Tofu>

dm0710  <Dm0>

Vane014 <V_J>





Habtaz  <HaB>

Jamie96554  <Jm9> 
jmmey321  <Jmm>

kldom  <Dom>
Nychthemera  <Amy>

sheamus.,  <RKO>




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