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1. Username: Jamie96554
2. Current Length of Employment: Over 4 years. Joined Late Oct 2011.
3. Current Rank: <SWAT> Founder <Jm9>
4. Timezone (In GMT ): GMT -4
5. Kik Username (Optional): Jamie96554
6. Past Administrative Experience: I was an Admin at SWAT owned by .:FR069:. in May 2011 - Oct. 2011; I have managed, created and developed various Minecraft and Modded Minecraft servers; I was the Managing Administrator and Developer for ScribbleHub.com [No Longer Active] (An online forum community) (2014-2015), I am my school's Council Treasurer & Secretary (2014-PRESENT), School News Co-Producer, Cameraman & Editor (2014-PRESENT), School Yearbook Editor-in-Chief (2015-2016), School Choir - Tenor & Bass Section Leader (2015-2016), etc..
7. What are 3 Things You're Good At?: 

  • Discipline - I'm able to resolve issues and give appropriate punishments in accordance to the situation at hand, while being just and impartial.
  • Leadership - I'm able to make decisions that are of the benefit for the whole of SWAT. People look at me as an authority figure and actively seek my counsel on various matters.
  • Organized - I'm very organized and meticulous about keeping logs, spreadsheets, etc.. Organization is life.

8. Why Should We Pick You? (50 words minimum): I am a hard-working, dedicated individual with the sole purpose of making SWAT a better place for everyone. I'm very trustworthy and can always be relied on when necessary. I take pride in what I do and always try my hardest. If you don't see me online or active in base, then I'm probably doing something for SWAT.
9. Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Dedicted, Stressed, Done
10. What Days & Hours Are You Active: Anytime after 5 on weekdays and usually all day on weekends.
11. Do You Agree to Our Terms & Conditions?: Yes
** By submitting this application, I, Jamie96554, hereby agree to all terms and conditions and will always try to make SWAT a better place to the best of my abilities. I hereby give consent to the Upper Administration (OOA+) to terminate my employment at SWAT or to move me to an appropriate rank should I become inactive without an approved Leave of Absence, breaking rules, causing trouble throughout Habbo and/or SWAT or for any other unnamed reason deemed fit. **

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