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Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy

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Leave of Absence Policy


LOA (Leave of Absence) is a period of time in which a person has permission to be absent from work. To prevent your badge(s) from getting removed due to inactivity, you must file an LOA on the forum with a valid reason. You have the responsibility to take care of your badges, and you’re asked to be active in base if you currently don’t have an active LOA.





Requirements & Rules:

  1. User must be planning to be absent from work for 30 or more days for Operations to Internal Affairs, or 14 or more days for Cabinet+. (This includes active on Habbo as well as active in base). An LOA may be cancelled at any given time should the user in question come online for an extended period of time during their LOA.

  2. An LOA must be filled up with the correct format; a valid reason should be given and exact dates of leaving and returning are required.

    - Examples of valid reasons: going on vacation, being in hospital, having personal problems, upcoming exams (studying) or whatever has importance and doesn’t allow someone to come online

    - Examples of invalid reasons: bored of SWAT, conflicts with fellow members and those LOAs which do not follow the correct form.
    - Please note that a maximum of 6 months will be granted for schooling.

  3. If an LOA couldn’t can’t be submitted by the user in need, someone may submit one on behalf of that user.

  4. Members have 10 days to return or request an extension before their badges are removed.

  5. To extend an LOA, explicit permission must be given by a Founder. If approved, a notice of extension will be added to the current LOA.

  6. Regular badge removal and returning member policies are enacted once badges are removed for an expired LOA.

  7. Members won’t be able to collect their pay/promotion while their LOA is currently active.


Members Ranking Security - Internal Affairs:

  1. An LOA may not exceed three (3) months in duration. Should they need longer, approval must be obtained from a Founder.

  2. If the LOA is valid, it may be approved by a member ranking Board of Directors or higher.


Members Ranking Cabinet+:

  1. An LOA should not exceed one (1) month in duration. Should they need longer, prior arrangements must be made.

  2. Depending on the length and situation, you may be asked to step down. An appointed member may also fill in for said user until they return.

  3. If the LOA is valid, it may be approved by a Founder.


After Submitting:

  1. Make sure you’re using the correct format and that the topic was made on SWAT’s forums under ‘Support’ --> ‘Leave of Absence’.

  2. Add #LOA to your motto. [Optional]

  3. Your LOA will be processed and moved to the appropriate section. Remember to check back on your LOA to make sure it got approved, and if it got declined, see why in the reply.

  4. If your request is denied, you should see what was wrong with your request and try to fix it from there. If you can’t fix it, speak to an OOA+ and something can be discussed.

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