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[18+] Pokémon Thug Life Club

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Untitled 1.png

Hello everyone, I'll be making a new fan club for all Pokémon lovers, I was playing Pokémon since 2001 and still do that!! Yeaaahh! Anyway, this one will more different from the previous one, because there will be more participation (Or me alone), going through weird discussion about Pokemon world, so what are we going to do first is to join the club by applying:

Trainer Name:

Pokémon partner:

Once you are applied, you'll be officially a member of this fan club!


Members of the Club:

Wheelchair ManUmbreon



But this is not the main objective of this club, the main goal is to share ridiculous picture of pokemons, characters or whatever related to Pokemon universe, respecting the theme "Thug Life" or "SWAG" or whatever you want just post you crap here, as long it your own work! How to do so? So simple! Just use "Paint" software that is available in every operating system and move that cursor. Unleash your drawing skills, show your talent, SHINE LIKE HO-OH!



Watch this tutorial to draw easily!



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On 14/10/2016 at 10:50 AM, JarkaPls said:

can kappa be my pokemon ?

i really love this will spam laters


poketman: donger


Welcome to the ghetto club of pokemon mr. memeprovider! wtf is donger? who cares added u on the list with that sht, remember draw *pokemon related* only!

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21 hours ago, JarkaPls said:

literally best sht post spam


21 hours ago, JarkaPls said:

xD I love these posts so much xd


Tyvm here is a new one for you Jark!


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8 hours ago, JarkaPls said:

Rayquaza pls

Thank you fan for your request, I have been busy for making Marvels, Manga for many companies, my drawing skills are far much exceeding customers expectations, I even don't have time... But while you insisted, I will sacrifice my 30 seconds of my life for your Rayquaza!


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