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Security Training Script

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Use Green coloured chat when Training.

When training someone for security, please take them to the training simulator.
Don't say what’s in red.


Hello, I am (your name) and I will be training you today!

I will be teaching you all about Security and how to FTS (Fill the Security).


Do you have any questions? 


(Wait for a response/no answer)



When in Security please remember to:


1) Not let more than one person through the gate at any one time.


It will cause the members to become stuck as the tiles will not work.


2) Ask for the members trainer or promoters username.


3) Check training or promotion logs on the forum in case of any self promotions!


4) Check BUMP (Badge, Uniform, Motto and Profile) thoroughly.




Security Tile meanings:


I will now go over which each tile in security means!

-Step onto the blue tile-

Clear blue tile: Step on this tile to let members into base. Use this after;


Checking BUMP, asking for their trainer or promoters name and checking logs on the forum!

-Step onto the arrow tile-


Arrow tile: Step on this tile to sends Agents into training. Make sure you check their BUMP!

-Step onto the red tile-

Red Tile: Step on this tile to send the user to the lobby. Use this tile if the member is:


taking too long to answer, trolling you or have the wrong BUMP.


Remember to tell them what they need to change before stepping on the red tile!


To make sure you do not send anyone to the wrong section (training, lobby or FTB),


please step to the side of the tile you want to use before stepping on.




Forums Account:


Have you currently got a forums account?

(If the member has a forum account go to checking logs section below)


Please go to habboswat|com/forum (| = .)


Then click onto "Sign Up"


You'll need to fill in a few details.

(Help them if needed)


Once you have filled in your details click "I am not a robot", then "I agree to the terms of use",


and then finally click "Create my account"

(The account will need approving, please ask a Cabinet+ to do so)




Promotion Tags List:


The Promotion Tag List is a complete list of all tags of members ranking Trainer+ in SWAT.


This is where you will find the members Trainer/Promoters username along with their tag.


On the forums, in General Discussion on the main page you’ll see the Promotion Tags Lists thread.


Please let me know when you have found it.


(Wait for them to do so)

If you are using a computer you can press Ctrl and F and then type the tag in the motto.


It will come up with the Trainer/Promoters username.




Checking Logs:


To check logs you need to go to habboswat|com/forum (| = .) and sign in.


Once you have signed in click onto the search bar at the top of the screen.


For an example, please type your username into the search box.


Please tell me once done!

(Wait for them to do so)


Here, you will find a list of logs/threads that your username is in.


You should be able to find a log which has your last promoter in the thread name.


Please click into that log and find where your username is to check that all is fine.

(Wait for them to say that they have found it)

That’s what you would do for the user you are assisting in Security.


Do you have any questions? 




Practicing Security:


We will now practice Security!


I will say 3 different situations. Once I say "go",


I would like you to show me what you would do in that situation.

(Say: sectest)


Situation 1: The user has come through to security, their motto is: [SWAT] Agent,


they are wearing the uniform but they have a HIA agency badge on their profile. Go!


Situation 2: The user has come through to security, their motto is [SWAT] Agent,


they are wearing the uniform and have the SWAT badge favourited.


However, they are dancing and refuse to stop when asked. Go!


Situation 3: The user has come through to security, their motto is: [SWAT] Field Agent [RE39],


they are wearing the uniform and they have no other Agency badges on their profile. Go!


See if they do all three situations correctly, and advise them on what to do differently if they don’t.






Your pay will be 1c or 1 promotion!


You can collect pay daily at the following times:


Monday-Saturday: 2am, 12pm and 8pm GMT


Sunday: 1:30pm and 9pm GMT


You will need to work for one hour to get the Pay Badge.




Leave of Absence (LOA):


A LOA is a period of time in which a user has permission to be absent from work.


If you're going to be inactive for 14 days or more please make a LOA


to prevent your badge(s) from getting removed.


If you do not create a LOA and go inactive for 14+ days then your badge(s) will be removed,


you will have 10 days to appeal for your badges.


If you do not appeal within this timeframe, you can get demoted at the discretion of Cabinet+.



Once the new Security member has been through training, they should get a promotion. 

Their motto should be: [SWAT] Sec. Officer Rookie [your tag]





Originally written by Rosiee,x
Reviewed: 5th June, 2017

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