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What you need to know about SWATs New Base!

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Today I am going to make a tutorial where I show you all what you need to know about to about SWATs new Base

Last Updated - 10th July 2017


First thing first this is SWATs new base!



Pretty Attractive but alot of things that may get you in trouble but may get you confused


First of all is at the FTF area, there are two throne sofas in the lobby as you see 



This is where you sit when FTF and FTS and completely full, it is not an AFK Station! Therefore it is only used if the desks are full!


You may know already about how you are not allowed to sit on the floor and those sofas if stations not full

but you also can't do this.



Yes you are not allowed to sit on the stair under and circumstances!


Moving off of the First Story of our new base lets go upstairs and see things that you are not allowed to do/may confuse you.


First of all there is a very nice VIP Area. I will say this only counts for VIP's but you may not go downstairs as a VIP or risk losing your badge!



You are allowed to stay on the top floor, normally in most VIP areas in other agencies you have to sit in 1 room

Consider yourself lucky!


Nextly we have the teleports, people are confused what all these lead to, so to save hastle, i'll tell you.



Also near the teleports you will find the Daily Pay Badge Flag/Pennant.


[The following is just other areas and tips!]


This is the Cafe Area where everybody can hang out Special Guests, Standards to Founder and even VIP. Basically anyone in base is allowed in here!


(The cafe is changing daily so it may look different than this image)


Personally I think it's a great place to have a conversation with your friends when maybe the stations are full or base is empty.

Make use of it, since not alot of members do!


Next this is just simply the FTB area where you afk, FTB also prevents you from disconnecting from inactivity

The whole point FTB exists.



Also there are two arrow tiles that if you stand on teleport you downstairs, good if your trying to get downstairs fastly.

You may still use the stairs though, excersise up and down the stairs is never bad!


Also downstairs there are two arrow tiles near security that teleport you upto FTB 



And thats it!

I hope it helped you in someway since I spent an hour typing this up

Have a great day!

Matt c:



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