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Cabinet+ members within the Transfer Special Unit are able to conduct transfers.


Transfer Requirements:

  • The member must:
    • Be part of an agency with 300+ members. See Transferee Process for closed agencies
    • Not be one of our Alliance Partners  (See Alliances List for our Alliance Partners)
    • Have worked at their agency for a minimum of 3 days
    • Have a rank equivalent or higher than SWAT’s Security unit and corresponding unit badges
    • Not be listed on National Punishment, Transfer/Join Ban List and Ban on Sight (see lists for more details)
    • Not be part of a Mafia or an Army

Transferee Process:

  • Security or Trainer:
    • To request Security and/or Trainer unit badges.
    • To complete training with a SWAT member of Intelligence+ if transferred into Security,  and Technical+  if transferred into Trainer
    • Motto: <SWAT> (Rank Given) <Transferer’s Tag> (<Transferee’s Tag> required if Trainer)
  • Intelligence to Internal Affairs:
    • To request necessary badges corresponding with rank.
    • Refer to Ranking Policy for Unit Limits (Promotion and Demotion/Dismissal)
    • To complete training with a member of Cabinet+
    • Motto: <SWAT> Rank Offered <Transferer’s Tag> <Transferee’s Tag>
  • In a circumstance that the Transferee is a member of a closed agency and have valid badges accordingly, the same requirements apply. The transfer process should proceed as normal
  • Cabinet Member can be obtained by promotion from Foundation or application process (chosen from OOA+). Secretary and higher are obtained by promotion from being Cabinet Member only.


Transferring Process:

  • Member of Transfer Team will:
    • Check Transferee meets the transfer requirements as listed above
    • Review the Transferee agencies ranks and current rank and compare to the Transfer Chart. (If not listed use your own judgment and notify the Chief Information Officer immediately)
    • If the transfer offer is accepted the transferee is required to remove their previous agencies unit badges after being told so.


Returning Members:

  • If the member:
    • Previously worked at SWAT in the past 12 months and aren’t part of another agency, returns are based on 2 demotions for every month you were away from your last recorded rank.
      • For example, if the member was Sheriff within the Executive Management unit and they were away for 7 months, their new rank would be Network Administrator within the Technical unit.
    • Joined another agency for a minimum of 3 months based on unit rank badges joined date, then the return will be classified as a transfer as per transfer requirements above.
    • Left SWAT within 5 days of asking for a return, they can return without a demotion. If the Cabinet+ does not know how long the member has left SWAT for, they can:
      • Check the list that BoDs write out with all the members in their units and look at when it was last edited.
      • Ask the member when they left and double check with other members within Cabinet+ to see if someone else knows.






Last reviewed: 28th January, 2018

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