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Hello, and welcome to SWATS Online Training.
I will be your trainer, (Your Name Here).
To begin your online training you will have to access our website.

Please use the Website Pennant for this. 

Once you have done this, proceed to click on the 'Join Us' button.
When you are finished with your course and submitted your test, please let me know.

Good luck!

Welcome back!

Please allow me a moment to go over your answers.


Please Review all answers here


[If Recruit Failed Training]

Please exit using the gate to your left!

Unfortunately, you did not pass the test on this occasion.  

If you would like to restart training and try again, then please let me know.

If you do not wish to retake training, please exit through the gate.


[If Recruit Successfully Passed Training]

Congratulations, you have passed! 

Please change your motto to [SWAT] Field Agent [Your Tag] 

Welcome to SWAT family! Please remember my username as Security will ask for your trainer's name.


Would you like a tour of the HQ?


Optional: Agent Tour

If the Agent has passed the test and said they wanted a tour, please continue with the below script.


(Wait for them to get through Security and go to FTB area)

Are you ready to begin? 


(Go to the pay badge)

This is the pay badge:

You need to work an hour or more to earn it. 

Your rank must be Probationary Agent or higher.

You won't be able to collect pay without the pay badge. 


(Go to the help desk)

This is the help desk. 

Whenever you need help, just sit here and one of our admin members will assist you. 

If no admin member is available, feel free to ask an Intel+. 


(Go to the training station) 

This is training. 

This is the area where new Recruits wait to be trained. 


(Go to the café section)

Here is the café. 

This is where you can take a break if you do not wish to go AFK.


(Go to the FTB station) 

This area with the four  black  sofas is Fill The Back (FTB).  

This is where you can go to AFK so you don't idle out of the room. 

Please remember not to go AFK on a desk.


(Go to the security station) 

This is security.

This is the station that you'll be able to work at once you reach Security! 

Here, members are checked to make sure they haven't self-promoted. 

This is the reason why you should remember your promoter's username. 


(Go to the On forum game badge) out in the Lobby

This is the in-game forum badge! 

If you work 1 hour+ and no admin is available, please fill out the format 

So when an admin comes online, they can accept your pay badge. 



You may feel free to go outside of base to recruit new agents.

But please try not to go to other agencies to recruit new agents.

Use the public rooms instead such as the Theatre, Welcome Lounge, Picnic, or Coffee House.


(Go to FTF)

These 5 desks are the FTF stations.

This is where you recruit new members or let existing members in. 

Until you reach Intel+, these desks are also how you will enter base.

 Do you have any questions about anything I mentioned?


(Wait for a response)


That's the end of the tour! Welcome to the SWAT family, feel free to FTF!

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