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Weekly News - Edition 5

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  • KoH Alliance Termination
  • New Alliance Representatives
  • WH Inauguration Ball
  • WH New President and Vice President


  • Modified Code of Conduct Section 1.2 
  • SWAT Award Ceremony 2017 
  • SWAT vs SS Football Match
  • "Thank You!" said Mondluu


KoH Alliance Termination

Monday, December 4, 2017, the alliance between SWAT and KoH, owned by LaLaaLoopsy, has been officially terminated.

But even though the agreement has ended, let's be positive and still keep the friendship we built with their members! We all wish them the best and we hope that they  can overcome the challenge they're experiencing right now! For KoH, thank you for being nice and friendly to us! We really appreciate everything happened between SWAT and KoH. We will remember everyone that we met and been friends with. Best of luck! 



Due to the termination of the alliance between KoH and SWAT, the two KoH Representatives, 30great03 & Noelly!, and one unassigned EA member, Ruth144ALT, will now have a new representing agencies!

30great03 will be FBI Representative; 

Noelly will now be representing WH;

Lastly, Ruth144ALT will now be SS Representative.



WH Inauguration Ball

People showed up in their fanciest formal clothing in Inauguration Ball hosted by White House last night December 3, 2017, Sunday. 

We all had fun and hope to join them again next time! And here's a picture taken by a SWATies last night. 


Thank you Queentootyelle for the picture!


WH New President and Vice President

Yes that's right! WH now have their very own new President and new Vice President! 

-Cess has been elected as their new President and Merlijnz  has been elected as their new Vice President. They both sworn last November 24, 2017, Friday.

 Congratulations to both of them! We know it's very late, but better late than never right? So when you see them, greet them! A simple greetings will do! Congratulate them! 



Modified Code of Conduct Section 1.2 

Section 1.2: Regulations for Room Rights (RR) Holders has been modified last December 2, 2017. 

Before the update, it stated that "Placing furniture without OOA+ permission" can get your Room Rights removed. After being modified by the Foundation, it is now changed to "Moving furnis without permission by a member of Foundation." can get your RR removed! 

So watch out for the RR abusers SWATies! For more information about the Code of Conduct, click here!


SWAT Award Ceremony 2017 

Are you ready for the upcoming SWAT Award Ceremony which will be on Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 8pm GMT?! 

Dress up in your coolest outfit and get your friends to come over too! You might be shock on what award you will get! Just remember, it's not yet late to put your votes in! Just click here to vote!

Are you the "Most Hated Person" or are you the "Most Loved Person"?! Find out on SWAT Award Ceremony!


SWAT vs SS Football Match

Be ready to cheer for your team! Shout shout shout!

The SWAT vs SS Football Match will be on Friday, December 9, 2017 8pm GMT in SWAT Field! 

So come on down and cheer for them! Best of luck for both teams! Aja!


"Thank You!" said Mondluu

Mondluu would like to say thank  to everyone who participated in her competition titled "ThanksGiving Competition"!

And congratulations to Sabielly who won the 5c! 

Want to win prizes like Sabielly too? Remember to check out Event's Team Competitions, you might win bigger prizes too!





Interview with Andrewday11


queentootyelle: How long have you been at swat?
Adrewday11: Not a clue
queentootyelle: What made you join swat
Adrewday11: Knew most of the people in SWAT from KoH
queentootyelle: How did you feel when you got promoted to cab sec role
Adrewday11: Felt Thankful 
queentootyelle: Are you enjoying your new role?
Adrewday11: Yeah aprt from when  people don’t log
queentootyelle: if you were founder name 1 thing you’d change
Adrewday11: Yeah salt levels in swat



1st SWAT Standard Badge = 49990

2nd SWAT Standard Badge = 2857


TOTAL = 78565








Good job SWATies!!!

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