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Weekly News 7

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Cab Apps 


Cab Apps Have Now closed! Good Luck to everyone who has applied!


Admin Promotions


30great03 - Assistant director of em/ia



Sabielly - Assistant Director of Standards




Urdey-9 - Assistant Director of Technical Unit/Detectives




Admin Of The Fortnight!


Congrats To david aka dm0710 for admin for the fornight! Keep up the hard work





Interviewing MysteryRuth


30great03: Hey Ruthbeer! Thank you for allowing me to interview you! <3

MysteryRuth: It's all good!

30great03: Aight, let's start this question and answer! First question, When did you join Habbo community?

MysteryRuth: July 2017

30great03: Nice, when did you join your current agency/army?

MysteryRuth: November 1

30great03: Why did you decided to join your current agency/army?

MysteryRuth: Because my previous agency was dying. And I have to transfer so I won't lose my rank.

30great03: Ohh, what feelings do you have when working with your staffs? Why?

MysteryRuth: Sometimes could be boring and annoying but mostly fun. Fun because i get to know more people, boring when it's dead and annoying because some people talk too much and say stupid bobba etc.

30great03: Lmfao annoying people xDD Are you afraid to make mistakes while working? Why?

MysteryRuth: Kinda, cause people are watching your every move to make sure you are doing it right.

30great03:  Do you think your current agency/army lack of something? What is it?

MysteryRuth: Hmm, lack of something.. erm idk. Lack of members.

30great03: If you're a founder of the agency/army you are in right now, what improvements/changes would you do?

MysteryRuth: Erm, probably the online training. Since it's hard for mobile users to use online training. Maybe just go back to copy and paste in general.

30great03: Do you think the administration of your current agency is strong enough to handle every challenges that would come?

MysteryRuth: Yes!

30great03: Have you enjoyed being interviewed by me? Any comments, or recommendations, etc?

MysteryRuth: Yes, that was a fun interview <3



WH New Year Ball






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