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7th January, 2018 - First General Meeting

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  • sheamus.,



  • Cabinet Applications
    • Cabinet Applications are closed! Result will be announce next week. Stay tuned
  • Base Activity
    • I'm not impress with our population recenty, when you have free time please come to SWAT and help around (filling stations)
  • Promoting
    • Please remember to promote people! many people still not receive a proper promotion. They work to earn a promo and if they dont get it, they might leave the job. So please promote the hardworker.
  • Online Training
    • The simple explantion about online training :
    • The script is available on both and
    • Refer them to (make sure if you're using the heart sign, let them know to change the heart into dot)
    • Website should be open on their browser! (if you don't know what to do with the link)
    • Tell them to choose "Join us" and let them read and answer the test
    • Once done, check their answer on forum ( under the online training > online training responses
    • for mobile user; tell them it's okay if their habbo app closed while opening the browser, just tell them to come back once they filled the test.
    • More question? feel free to ask any OOA+
    • And, don't forget to log your training!


Pay: (Pay provided by sheamus.,)


  • xXUnspeakableXx --> 2c
  • ItsAdrian24 --> 2c
  • LiamForchhammer --> [SWAT] Snr. Technician [RKO] [tag]
  • Demi --> 2c
  • EvelynAlexis --> [SWAT] Special Agent [RKO]
  • Johnny15Adam --> 2c
  • iPolarity --> 2c
  • AwkwardCookie. --> 2c
  • BandungSyrup --> 2c
  • GTMake --> 2c
  • 30great03 --> 2c
  • vane014 --> 2c
  • Hanasakura95 --> 2c
  • liuliu_liuliu --> 2c



Nychthemera's Total Coins Given: 24c

Nychthemera's Exchange Cost: 3c


Total Cost: 27c


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