Cabinet Results (14/01/2018)

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!! Cabinet Application Results !!


Hello everyone! A huge congratulations and well done to everyone who tried for Cabinet on this round of applications - unfortunately not everyone can be accepted of course, but a very well done to those who tried! There will always be a next time, so don't be too disheartened. :) But without further ado, I know what you're all here for.... Congratulations to the following people on being chosen for our newest Cabinet members!


avatarimage?user=AwkwardCookie.&directio      avatarimage?user=SianieBee&direction=2&h      avatarimage?user=MysteryRuth&direction=2    avatarimage?user=iPolarity&direction=2&h    avatarimage?user=lewis8261&direction=2&h   avatarimage?user=hanasakura95&direction=      avatarimage?user=liuliu_liuliu&direction

AwkwardCookie.     SianieBee       MysteryRuth       iPolarity        lewis8261      Hanasakura95     liuliu_liuliu


Very well done to the above people and make sure to congratulate them when you see them around base! :D

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