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11th February, 2018 - First & Second General Meetings

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  • sheamus.,



  • 80k Party
    • Thank you for attending the SWAT 80k party. it was a blast and success! #LongLiveSWAT
  • Promoting people
    • Thank you for promoting hardworking people for the past week! keep the performance and always promote hardworking people, but don't forget to check logs!
  • New Allies
    • As per yesterday, we are officially allied with HDA! Please pay them a visit and you can get their VIP/SV for free with this criteria:
      • VIP : Intel Unit+
      • SV : Cabinet Member+


Pay: (Pay provided by sheamus.,)

  • InvestigatorM  -->  <SWAT> Senior Detective <RKO> <Tag>
  • Hanasakura95  -->  2c
  • :@.Demi.@:  -->  2c
  • Johnny15Adam  -->  2c
  • J.o.r.g.e.n!  -->  2c
  • GTMake  -->  2c
  • 30great03  -->  2c
  • Jogule --> 1c



Pay: (Pay provided by Enrique53645264)

  • lani956 --> [SWAT] Detective [EZ2] [Tag]
  • liuliu_liuliu --> 2c


Ricky's Total Coins Given: 15c

Ricky's Exchange Cost: 2c

Enrique's Total Coins Given: 2c

Enrique's Exchange Cost: 0c

Ricky's Total Cost: 17c

Enrique's Total Cost: 2c

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