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8th April, 2018 - First General Meeting

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  • Nychthemera



  • Member of the fortnight/Member of the month
    • After a review of these, it has been decided to scrap this and go back to Member of the Week. This means that Cabinet+ will vote on the members who win Member of the Week and these will be announced during the General Meetings. There are 3 winners per week, who can win the following:
      • 1st place: 5c or 2 promotions
      • 2nd place: 3c or 1 promotion
      • 3rd place: 2c

Please note that members can only receive a promotion up to the end of the Detectives Unit.

  • New pay system
    • Next weekend (starting April 14th, 2018) we would like to bring in the new pay system that kldom has posted about in the General Discussion section on the forum. Please ensure you read this and bring forward any suggestions that you have to improve the system. You can either reply on the poll, or send a message to kldom directly who will look into it.
    • To conclude the new pay system, it is basically where you can collect "points" throughout the week and can earn a maximum of 7c or 14c for Standards and High Ranks/Administration respectively, per week which can be collected during General Meetings.
    • If you have any questions on this new pay system, please ask a member of Foundation who will explain.
  • New General Meeting times
    • From next weekend (April 14th, 2018), we will be changing the General Meeting times to the following:
      • First meeting: Saturdays at 8pm GMT
      • Second meeting: Sundays at 12pm GMT
  • Administration Review
    • At the end of every month, there is an administration review to ensure that SWAT has an active administration team who do their role. We would like to congratulate the following members who received a promotion and have new roles:
      • vane014  -->  Chief Data Officer
      • AwkwardCookie.  -->  Trial Director of Detectives Unit


Pay: (Pay provided by Nychthemera)

  • lani956  -->  2c
  • SianieBee  -->  2c
  • AwkwardCookie.  -->  2c
  • vane014  -->  2c
  • 30great03  -->  2c
  • kulot123 <SWAT> Case Officer <Amy> <k123>


Nychthemera's Total Coins Given: 10c

Nychthemera's Exchange Cost: 1c

Total Cost: 11c

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