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Alliance Badge/VIP Badge Enforcement

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Hi all,


It has come to my attention that the policies on these badges aren't being enforced as they should be. This needs to be looked into and we shoud be sticking to the policies within our agency. This sets a proffesional example for allied agencies also and shows that we're high standard when it comes to our policies and other regulations.


The whole point of enforcing these policies is to ensure fairness and that if we're adhearing to our own regulations. If someone was to say "yeah sure wear whatever you want" and someone else was enforcing the policies on the forum this wouldn't be great since you're telling the person one thing and someone else is telling them somthing else.


To conclude this is to ensure identification and overall good standard. Please look into this since it's important that we follow our own guidelines.



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I 100% Agree with this, It's okay having a laugh and i know base is dead often but rules are rules. So keep enforcing them  if you need too <3

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