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      Claiming Late Pay   05/07/2018

        Hey everyone! We are aware that most of the time, some of you have a really important agenda irl and can't make it to General Meeting! So starting next week, 13th of May, if you could not make it to General Meeting, you have 48 hours after Second GM to claim your pay or promo from any Cab+ member! After 48 hours, you won't be able to claim your pay or promo anymore. But please note that if you are not able to attend a General Meeting, you are still supposed to let a member of OOA+ know in advance.    We know that the new pay system is still confusing for some members, but we are working on it and improving it for all of you! If you haven't read about the New Pay System, click here!     Best Regards, 30great03

May 12th & 13th, 2018 - First & Second General Meeting

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  • Reduced Inactivity Time
    • The period of time in which a Security - Internal Affairs user can be inactive without a Leave of Absence, and without their badge being removed has been decreased to 18 days. Hopefully, this will help keep a few more people active to keep base lively.
  • Claiming Late Pay
    • If you are unable to attend the GM, you are now able to claim your pay up to 48 hours from the Second General Meeting. This means up until Tuesday at 12pm GMT of the following pay period, you're able to claim any pay from the previous week. Please note that you should tell an admin in advance if you know you won't be able to make it to a meeting.
  • Choosing Promotions for Pay
    • Since traditionally we only allowed Intel-Detectives users choose promotion for pay on Sundays, we've adapted the rule for the new pay system to allow for 2 days of pay (a maximum of 2 promotions) to be used as promotions, with the remaining used in coins. Example: 4 days of pay could mean 2 promotions and 4c for these users. Please note that Operations-Trainer users are not affected by this stipulation.
  • Members of the Week
    • First Place: thepinkapple
    • Second Place: Uyoshi


Pay: (Pay provided by Jamie96554)

liam5020 -> 2 days -> [SWAT] Captain [Jm9] [LiM]

----------------------------- (end of First GM Pay)

Hanasakura95 -> 5 days -> 10c

JohnnyAdam15 -> 3 days -> 6c

Uyoshi -> 7 days + MOTW -> 14c + [SWAT] Sheriff [Jm9] [Uyo]

carl4953 -> 2 days -> 2c

InvestigatorM -> 2 days -> 4c

Goldn2 -> 4 days -> 8c

_Thea_ -> 7 days -> 10c + [SWAT] Senior Detective [Jm9] [Food]

30great03 -> 5 days -> 10c

AwkwardCookie. -> 3 days -> 6c

vane014 -> 4 days -> 8c

thepinkapple -> 4 days + MOTW -> 8c + [SWAT] Deputy Superintendent [Jm9] [Tpa]

----------------------------- (end of Second GM Pay)

Chuck306 -> 5 days -> 10c

----------------------------- (end of Late Pay)


Jamie's Total Coins Given: 96c

Jamie's Total Exchange Cost: 10c


Jamie's Total Cost: 106c


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Added Late Pay

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