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Swat - Official Training Script

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 02:55 PM


Use Green coloured/colored chat when Training.
Don't say what's in red.
For the test where the answer is 'Answers Vary', use your best judgement whether it's correct or not.


Welcome Agents, we will now begin your official SWAT training.

I am (name here) and I will be your trainer today.

Please remember my name as you will need it to get into HQ.

If I am going too fast please don't hesitate to ask me to slow down.

Anything you would like to ask before we begin?

(Wait for everyone to respond)


Today we will be learning the key rules and commands to succeed in your career at SWAT.

To start with we will go over our key rules that need to be followed at all times:

1. Don't ask for pay or promotions (You earn them!)

2. Please call higher ranks sir/ma'am (It shows you respect them!)

3. Don't dance or wear effects in base (They're not allowed and can lead you to being kicked!)

4. Always treat everyone how you want to be treated (No bullying, discrimination etc)

5. No double jobbing (Working here and another agency. ie; White House, NOPD, CIA, FBI, etc)

6. Never Self Promote (This means stealing someone elses motto or promoting yourself)

7. If you need to go BRB/AFK please go to the designated area (You'll learn in commands!)

Any questions on what these key rules mean?

(Wait for questions...)

We will now learn our commands that you will need to know about.

FTF - Fill The Front. Please fill one of the front desks when asked

At FTF you will be needed to do the following jobs: Recruit new members; Let members in.

But before doing that, you'll need to check their BUM

BUM stands for; Badge, Uniform and Motto

Badge - They should have the badge on that looks like S¥T and owned by jmmey321

Uniform - Uniform is located on the mannequins, and in the football gates. HR+ do not need uniform.

Motto - Their motto should begin with <SWAT>

FTB - Fill The Back

Please sit at the designated area when FTF is full

I will now show you where to FTB

(Go to the Bar area)

This is where you FTB

Remember! Don't AFK in the hallway or FTF, go to the FTB area!

Also, if you want to learn new skills - try out our Security and Training simulator if you wish.

Enter this tele to go to the simulators, and follow the directions from there.

(Go back to Training)

BTB - Back To Base. When asked if you're free, please come back to help out

Attention - When a HR+ calls you to attention, please face them and say yes sir/ma'am while waving

AE - At Ease. When you hear this, continue what you were doing before.

Any questions on the commands I just went over?

(Wait for questions)


Last part of training will be a test so I hope you have been paying attention.

I will ask you a series of questions and you will be required to answer in a whisper.

Please whisper me yes sir/ma'am now if you understand.

(Wait for everyone to whisper you)

Ready to begin? Please be sure to whisper your answers now.

1. What does FTF and FTB mean?

- Answer: Fill the Front and Fill the Back

2. What does AE mean?

- Answer: At Ease

3. What are 3 out of the 7 rules you must follow?

- Answer: (Answers vary) See Rules

4. Where is the FTB area?

- Answer: (Answers vary) In the bar section..

5. Is Self Promotion allowed?

- Answer: No, it is not.


SWAT Training has now ended.

For those who have passed, I will now whisper you your new motto.

(<SWAT> Offi. Agent I <Tag>)

To those who have sadly not achieved full marks, please stay behind for a refresher course.

Welcome to the SWAT family! Please remember my name as it will be needed to pass through security.

Do not let them leave until ALL mottos are 100% correct.

* NOTE: Please ensure the I after Agent is a capitalized i *

*Basic question and answer:
When is pay? Saturday's 3:30 PM Central
How much is pay? 2-3 credits
Who is the owner of SWAT? Jmmey321
Who do we buy ranks from? Jmmey321, hippychick1996, minimew312 and daniellaewing
Whats the forum website? habboswat.com (It's best to just show them the forum's badge to avoid getting muted/banned)

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