New Friend Invitation Look!

Found this today, didn’t see anyone else talking about it. So I thought I would post about it. What do you guys think? I Think it looks quite good. Why do you think Habbo did this?

Leave Your Thoughts In The Comments Bellow!

April Fools!!! No Name Change!


Yea, it was all a big Joke. Fooled Yea! Muhaha! I am guessing allot of you are really mad at me. But that’s what April Fools is all about! I know allot of you believed the Joke, or at least you where pretending to. Sorry, for any unconvinced this may have caused you! So Yea, Happy April Fools!



Swat’s Changing it’s name to FBI


As of April 4th, 2014 Swat will no longer be referred to as “Swat,” but as our new Name “FBI.” Just like Swat, outside of Habbo, we will refer to our selves as HabboFBI. All Swat’s Badges will be renamed to as FBI. You will be required to change your motto to <FBI> instead of <Swat>. I have been thinking about doing this for some time now. There is no Big FBI group running on Habbo at this moment. So this is the time for us to make this change, it will allow us to go further. FBI is and has always been a more popular name. More people can relate to FBI than they can Swat. I know a few of you will be frustrated at my decision. I urge you all to support me and my ventures!




Above is my Badge Design for the FBI’s Agent Badge, I know allot of things will have to be changed. I have already bought the domain for our FBI’s website. I’ll just be transferring over the Forum, no worries!  I will also have to redo the Promo Video, and our Intros. Also, I am thinking about redesigning the rest of our Unit Badges. So Rember April 4th, Change your Mottos to <FBI> no dots!


April 4th, 2014


I am looking for feedback, so please make your posts in the feedback section, please no harrasement! Give your ideas for our group’s future with the name of “FBI”







Well, I see this as away of renewing our group, giving us a fresh start!


Can I Change My Motto To <FBI> Now?

No, please wait until the 4th to change your mottos!


Will the ranks change?

No. All Ranks will stay the same.


Will you change your mind?

No. I have already given this much thought.


What if people quit?

People will quit, I have already accepted the fact that some people will not go along with this.


What of Swat’s Twitter?

Twitter allows us to easily Change our User Names! So Does Facebook!